Open a IWCO School

"Are you a Teacher, Practitioner or Master of Kung Fu? Want to be part of IWCO? Want to open an office where our teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu? Contact the Italian Manager SiFu Simone Sebastiani at the following addresses: 329.7325460


National IWCO Stage with SiFu Donald Mak on the 12th and 13th of october 2013

"The Core Concepts of Wing Chun Kung Fu"

Traditional Wing Chun Ip Man>Chow Tze Chuen>Donald Mak>Simone Sebastiani

Directly from Hong Kong, Master Donald Mak, direct student of Grandmaster Chow Tze Chuen (first generation descendant of Grandmaster Ip Man) is back in Italy for the national seminar of the "International Wing Chun Organization"!

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