About Us

The "IWCO-International Wing Chun Organization" is an international organization based in Hong Kong and with at its summit SiFu Mak Kwon Kune, known as SiFu Donald Mak.
Although the school has offices in many different countries, such as Italy, Russia, Romania, England, France, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine and the Arab Emirates, we consider ourselves a great big family, with a single and well defined educational program, that is followed in an identical manner in each different location. All our detachments refer to a single leader, joined by the national managers that help with all didactic, bureaucratic, logistic and organizational issues.

IWCO was born from an idea and the commitment of Master Donald Mak of Hong Kong (direct student of Grandmaster Chow Tze Chuen, first generation student of Master Ip Man) that after years of studies, practise and research gathered all his experiences in a single School, to pass on Ip Man’s original message as it was transmitted to him by Grandmaster Chow Tze Chuen.
The Italian branch of IWCO is directed by SiFu Simone Sebastiani, direct student of SiFu Donald Mak.
SiFu Simone, national representative and technical director, together with a valid group of instructors, follows personally every single student, passing on in a clear and functional way both the fundamental principles of the Wing Chun style and it’s more profound and philosophical aspects.

IWCO is open to any person of any age, be it man or woman, that would like to discover the authentic value of Wing Chun Kung Fu, a centennial tradition that is transmitted (and can only be learned this way) through a direct report between master and pupil, all in a comfortable, friendly environment in which each person matters much more than a simple and sterile fight.

Strenghts of the IWCO

  • Clear, quick and modern didactics

  • A detailed technical program, divided in different learning degrees

  • Comfortable, clean and friendly environments

  • Teaching Professionalism

  • Seriousness and traditional approach

  • No secrets in the transmission of the system

IWCO’s mission

Is to spread and promote Wing Chun as it was taught by Grandmaster Ip man, transmitting in an open and authentic way all the traditional teachings as they have been brought to us by Grandmaster Chow Tze Chuen, but integrating modern teaching methods in line with today’s most recent technologies, in order to communicate more easily with the students and improve their learning. This includes a clear didactic, and a technical program carefully divided in different learning degrees, each with an adequate number of students per class, so to ensure for the student the best possible learning environment, so he can make progress in the study of Wing Chun.


National IWCO Stage with SiFu Donald Mak on the 12th and 13th of october 2013

"The Core Concepts of Wing Chun Kung Fu"

Traditional Wing Chun Ip Man>Chow Tze Chuen>Donald Mak>Simone Sebastiani

Directly from Hong Kong, Master Donald Mak, direct student of Grandmaster Chow Tze Chuen (first generation descendant of Grandmaster Ip Man) is back in Italy for the national seminar of the "International Wing Chun Organization"!

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